Avengers gif Challenge


  • Now you go to meet the other Avengers. Gif number 34 is how you act while seeing them the first time.

jajajajajajjajjaja ya, me muero! XD

  • The first meeting is over and you go to visit Bruce and Tony in their lab. You know what you’re doing, right? Quick, use gif number 12!

  • Oh no, they kicked you out. Well it seems that you have to work out with Cap… Gif 9 shows how you’re doing.

  • Okay, no more time for nonsense! Loki is attacking the town! Go, suit up! Gif number 3 is your ‘suit’.

Desnuda? O_o

  • Loki uses his spear on you. Does he manage to get you on his side? Gif number 19 is the answer!

  • Lunch time – choose a gif of someone eating.

Amo la pasta *3*

  • Loki attacked again! You’re going to lead the team. Gif 14 is the Avengers‘ reaction to Fury announcing this fact.

  • You captured Loki – making you the leader was obviously the right choice. Happy dance time! Chose a gif of someone dancing!

  • Loki made everyone start fighting! Show your attempts to calm them down again – it’s gif number 21.


  • Coulson’s dead. How do you react? Gif 29 is the answer.

  • Gif number 1 is how you solve the entire Loki situation.

YAY?! xD

  • Shawarma time! Use a Gif of your choice.

Juro que no lo hago a propósito, tenía muchos gif que no eran de Robert, es el destino (?
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